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Connecting communities -- by adding a collective dimension to the social media experience, we can build a heartfelt sense of unity that will heal the world, bringing order out of chaos. That is the timely vision the Voices of Humanity - Order out of Chaos discussion is designed to fulfill.

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About Voices of Humanity

Voices of Humanity (VoH) is a project of Collective Communication, Inc. (CCI), a California non-profit. Roger Eaton as President of CCI is the project leader. The mission of the VoH project is to build an online community that will heal the world, bringing order out of chaos.

The Voice of Women and the Voice of Men build gender equality into the foundations of the Voices of Humanity online community. While the aim of the project as a whole is to bring humanity together, the fact that gender equality is built in to the process is expected to make the project of special interest to the global women’s movement. The Board of CCI is looking to bring in women from around the world to take the lead on the Voices of Humanity project with the election of a woman as President of CCI by the end of 2016.

Voices of Humanity connects communities to facilitate the Great Transition to a life-sustaining future that we must accomplish both for our sake and for the sake of Planet Earth.

"Geographic levels" have recently been implemented. Now the scope of the online discussion can be easily shifted from Global to National to State, Metro and City levels. Also, special Voices are supported for Indigenous Peoples, disadvantaged Minorities, Veterans, Refugees, and the Interfaith movement. Coming soon participants will be able to focus the discussion by topic using hashtags.

The Voices of Humanity online community is implemented via InterMix open source software at github under the AGPL license.

Readership List

A local-to-global strategy informs VoH outreach efforts. We are asking local groups to read one of the recent winning messages at meetings. Here is the all important Readership List that our new strategy depends on. Contact Roger Eaton for questions at 415 933 0153 or The author of the overall winner each month can designate an organization from the Readership List to receive USD 200 from the Voices of Humanity project.

Twelve categories are being targeted for outreach: Climate Change * Gender Equality * Disadvantaged Minorities * Human Rights * Indigenous people * Interfaith Cooperation * Nuclear Disarmament * Peace * Refugees * UN Goals * Veterans * Youth. Additionally we are looking to bring in United Nations Association chapters beginning with UNA-USA and then reaching out to the World Federation of United Nations Associations.

Voices of Humanity aims for human unity with both gender equality and respect for diversity built in. See the winning messages from the first round of the initiative here.

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