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Welcome. Joining the Plants and Animals worldwide conversation is easy. For the first time, using the power of social media, we can have a worldwide action oriented conversation between the species of Life on Earth.

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Who speaks for the trees? If the plants and animals have collective voices of their own, perhaps humanity will realize that our place is not above, but rather within the wider realm of Life on Planet Earth. By expressing our compassion for all living beings we can end the horror of industrialized farming of animals for food, and in the process bring us a big step closer to a world that works for humanity as well.

A PandA app for the Voices of Humanity Panda community is expected by Winter of 2020. The app will enable participants to speak on behalf of Plants, Animals and particular species including Homo Sapiens as well as for All Living Beings collectively. On a monthly basis (new moon to new moon) the highest rated entries will be published on social media and emailed as widely as makes sense. Posts made through the app will be available also online in the PandA community.

The PandA app will be in the context of outreach for an annual global celebration of All Living Beings to include parades of people dressed to represent their chosen species. High school science teachers will be contacted in hopes they will bring in entire classes of students. Both the PandA app and the annual celebration make sense for teachers because their students will learn all about the species they have adopted.

For more details about bringing high school science students in, please see

The Compassion for All Living Beings URI Cooperation Circle is looking to make the PandA campaign succeed globally in a big way!


Nuclear disarmament is also a priority for Voices of Humanity. Please be sure to list your city in your profile. We are aiming for participants from 1000 cities by the end of 2018. Nuclear arms are the roadblock to everything we want to accomplish, so we are taking nuclear disarmament as our major theme for 2018. #smile4nd

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For questions or comments contact project coordinator, Roger Eaton.


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