Voices of Humanity - Order out of Chaos
finding our common humanity across
all national, religious and cultural boundaries

Welcome! The mission of Voices of Humanity (VoH) is to build an online community forum that will heal the world, bringing order out of chaos. We are particularly aiming to bring in individuals who support the goals of the United Nations and/or who identify with such marginalized groups as: women, indigenous peoples, other disadvantaged minorities, refugees, veterans, the poor.

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More About Voices of Humanity

In the conversation between the communities of Planet Earth, women and men will use their collective voices to persuade the nations to cooperate. A kindly and intelligent human unity with diversity built-in is within our reach! Your participation could make the difference.

The collective voices of Women, Men, Youth, Experience and Wisdom build gender and age equality into the foundations of the online community. Geographic focus is easily shifted from the city level to metro, state, nation and Planet Earth. The global voice of women is expected to take the conversational lead. This global strength will reach down to the local level and empower women of all ages everywhere. The men will follow.

Voices of Humanity is a project of Collective Communication, Inc. (CCI), a California non-profit. Roger Eaton, Founder and now Treasurer of CCI is current project coordinator. As of January 2017, Bronwyn Galloway is President of CCI and with her lead we are looking to bring in more women from around the world to the CCI Board. The VoH online community is implemented via InterMix open source software at github under the AGPL license.

How it Works

The idea is simple. Participants write messages - on topics of their own choosing - and then vote on them. At each new moon, the overall winning message is taken as the Voice of Humanity-as-One. The highest rated message written by a woman as rated by women is the Voice of Women, and likewise for men, youth, middle-aged and seniors. These “winners” are easily accessed by clicking the “Voices of Humanity” button in the online forum. In other words, instead of voting to elect people, we vote to elect messages.

After geographic levels, the next major feature is communities and hashtags. It is easy to join or leave or create a community, and hashtags are also easily created simply by adding them to a forum posting. At this point (Feb 27, 2017), communities and hashtags are almost fully implemented. Coming by June 2017, communities will be connected via “networks”. These networks will be organically created by the participants from the bottom up rather than inflexibly instituted from the top down. Finally, and this is going to be tough to do, the hope is to enable the communities and hashtags to be arranged in flexible hierarchies, also to be created bottom up by the participants rather than instituted from the top down.

See the winning messages from the first round of the initiative and the important Overview of the Voices of Humanity Initiative.

Step by Step

  1. If you use facebook to register, then it is a little easier and in the future you can log in with a single click. Just go to the top of this page and click the facebook icon.
  2. If you do not register with facebook, then begin by clicking the "Join" button at the top left of this page. After you register, you will need to link in from an email that will be sent to you, just to confirm it really is you.
  3. In the process of joining or by editing your profile, you can join or leave communities of interest using the checkboxes provided.
  4. At any time you can go to the Forum by clicking the "Order Out of Chaos" button in the upper left. In the forum you can read and vote on the messages that have already been added there.
  5. Now you can also comment on any of the messages by clicking the comment link under the message.
  6. Start your own topic by clicking "Add My Voice" at the top right of the page.
  7. Be sure to click the "Save" button at the bottom after you have written your message. That's it!

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For questions or comments contact project coordinator, Roger Eaton.


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