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Welcome. Joining the Order out of Chaos worldwide conversation is easy. By giving each nation and religion its own collective voice in a global conversation capped by the Voice of Humanity-as-One, Voices of Humanity enables us to transcend and yet also to support our nations and religions. Click the logo above to go to the logo owner, Association for Global New Thought. Thank you for the best ever nonviolence logo, agnt!

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Proposal: A Nonviolent Action Arm for Voices of Humanity

Nonviolence has proved itself a “force more powerful” for social justice and freedom. There is no saying it cannot work, too, for climate change, disarmament and individual fulfillment.

Every month at the full moon we choose winning nonviolent action messages for each of the Voices of Humanity, for women, for men, for youth, middle-aged and seniors, and for humanity-as-one. The #nonviolence community of participants will join together to take action to support the thoughts expressed in the overall winning #nvaction message.

Voices of Humanity is an instrument for a human unity that also promotes diversity. As such it provides the underpinning for a successful Great Transition. But that Great Transition requires a Global Citizens Movement (GCM) to bring it about. The Nonviolent Action Arm of the Voices of Humanity could be a scaffold for the building of the GCM.


VoH is a project of Collective Communication, Inc. (CCI), a California non-profit. Roger Eaton, Founder and now Executive Director of CCI is current project coordinator. As of January 2017, Bronwyn Galloway is President of CCI and with her lead we are looking to bring in more women from around the world to the CCI Board. The VoH online community is implemented via InterMix open source software at github under the GPL v3.0 license.

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