Voices of Humanity: New Strategy

The Voices of Humanity Order Out of Chaos discussion will remake the way humanity sees itself. Highly rated messages will be consistently intelligent, generous and magnanimous, building a heartfelt and hugely welcome sense of human unity. Add your voice at voh.intermix.org.

Our previous local-to-global strategy didn’t work out. We had a good start in early 2015 with our first set of crowd-sourced messages for Dr. Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, the Executive Director of UN Women. See the messages for Dr Mlambo-Ngcuka here. These messages reflected very well the goal of the project: human unity with gender equality and respect for diversity built in, but it was just too tough to build up from local organizations.

The local-to-global idea was to enlist a few organizations and that would set the stage for a take-off of the project. Pretty uniformly, tho, existing organizations are stretched to their limit and cannot spend real time on a project that is neither a sure thing nor safely under the control of the organization. It is amazing that we did get a dozen or so small groups to give it a go. Truth is, though, that participation was nominal.

The software continues to improve. We now can handle communities as well as geographic levels and breakout by gender and age.  Within the next two or three months participants will be able to build bottom up networks of communities. Now, instead of this or that organization, I will be looking on a global scale for people who consider themselves part of the global interfaith network, or the global peace network and so forth, very much including the global women’s movement and the global indigenous people’s movement. But they will be participating in these communities as individuals first and only secondarily as members of local organizations.

As of December, 2016, instead of local-to-global, we are going to try a global-to-local approach. In the best case we will get something going that will be useful to and taken up by the U.N.


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by Roger Eaton
2016-12-14 00:41
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