The SIMPOL Solution by John Bunzl and Nick Duffell

The SIMPOL Solution by John Bunzl and Nick Duffell will be available in February, 2017.

Gender equality is embedded in Voices of Humanity, and both Indigenous Peoples and the Interfaith movement are allies as we build human unity-and-diversity. Now, Voices of Humanity is ready to add the Great Transition to our core agenda.

The Great Transition is the emerging planetary phase of human existence. It is going to happen, one way or another. In the best case, Voices of Humanity will enable a sense of human unity to inhabit the unfolding of the new age.

I have been following and admiring John Bunzl’s ideas for several years now. I love it when people are smart and come up with new approaches to our human dilemma. I think we should take SIMPOL seriously and see if we cannot help bring it to fruition.

Bunzl sees Trump and Brexit and so forth as peripheral concerns in this Huffington Post article.  Here is the nub of the article: “The only genuine solution lies in binding global agreements. We can’t have a just and sustainable global economy without binding governance on the same scale. That doesn’t mean a global government, only global cooperation.”

There is more to it. Bunzl has a concrete notion how we can implement global cooperation, but first we need to develop what he calls a “world-centric” way of thinking, what I have been calling a “global consciousness” for many years now. That’s where Voices of Humanity can play a key role. There must easily be a million people out there who are thinking along these lines. VoH can bring us together in a Global Citizen’s Movement that will at least consider and very likely adopt many of Bunzl’s ideas.

I must be getting optimistic in my old age. We can do this!

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by Roger Eaton
2016-12-30 20:30
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