Are Environmental Conservation Strategies Misguided or On Target?

This is a must read article written by William Graham in his Web of Life blog in November of 2017:

Many people are understanding now that the straightline human economic system, where resources are pillaged from planet earth, used, and then discarded as waste, is a formula for a doomed civilization. And solutions, circular economy, multi level projects to drawdown CO2 and so forth are coming into vogue. But the fundamental insight that nature is a living system of energy flows is not sufficiently appreciated. We need to realize the central importance of keeping the natural world connected to itself so the energy can flow with the least possible interuption by the human economy. All the efforts toward a circular economy and CO2 drawdown and so forth can fit within a larger picture of maintaining and restoring the connections in nature. But we need to keep that larger picture in mind at every step. We need to understand that as a living system, Planet Earth is not going to be under our control. My own input here is to say: influence, yes, but control, no.


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by Roger Eaton
2018-04-21 18:00
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