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One of our VoH ND community members forwarded me a poster for a June 6, 2018 Nuclear Disarmament Reflection Day. Every day is a good day to reflect on the importance of achieving peace and nuclear disarmament! Take an hour off today - yes for ND, or go for a walk, write some poetry. Enjoy the day! I thought I would take the time to post a photo to encourage global umbrella marches for ND.

I helped organize an umbrella march for nuclear disarmament some years ago in Los Angeles. I believe we can easily spark same day umbrella marches around the world - August 6 would be a logical day (here in San Francisco better Sunday Aug 5 so we don't conflict with the annual Livermore event). Everyone has an umbrella and it is a good symbol. In Los Angeles, when queried on the umbrella march why we were using umbrellas, I told people it was to keep the fallout off. Since the idea is to have some fun while we are at it, that explanation works just fine!

I invite everyone receiving this item to post a photo of themselves or friends or indeed anyone who gives their OK here in the Voices of Humanity Nuclear Disarmament community.

The photo I am posting here is of myself and Sandy Chaves. Thank you, Sandy!

And here is a link to the Creative Educators website. Thank you, CEIN.

#nuclear_disarm, #peace #umbrellamarch4nd #nvaction

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by Roger Eaton
2018-06-06 23:14

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